aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


Whether or not you like what was in either of debt-limit bills passed by the House of Representatives in the last month, they were at least actual legislation, debated and passed by an elected assembly trying to do its job. The Democrat-controlled Senate, which hasn't passed a budget in two and a half years, has contented itself with shooting down what the House has done. The Senate seems incapable of producing any legislation of its own. The President hectors and postures, making every possible deal harder to come by.

In the end, we elect people to Congress and the Presidency to do the people's business. Only the House leadership seems to be trying to actually do that business. Good for them. If we default or the government has to decide which bills it can pay and which not, let's remember the people who refused every deal offered and let us slide off the cliff.

Throw the bums out (and you know which bums I mean)!

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