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Reading Amtrak schedules is a new skill, but I think I've figured out the schedule for our Crew to take the train to Philmont next July. I haven't figured out what it would cost, yet, but one thing at a time.

If we leave here by car no later than 3 AM on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, we can catch the Cardinal/Hoosier State in Indy. It leaves at 6 AM and arrives in Chicago at 10:05 AM. There we change trains and get on the Southwest Chief, which leaves Chicago at 3 PM and arrives in Raton, NM, at 10:56 AM Wednesday, July 11. We pick up the Philmont shuttlebus and stay overnight at Philmont. Our check-in day at PSR is Thursday, July 12.

We depart Philmont the morning of Tuesday, July 24 on the shuttlebus. The train passes through Raton at 4:50 PM and arrives in Chicago Wednesday, July 25 at 3:15 PM. We change trains back, leaving Chicago at 5:45 PM and arrive Indianapolis 11:50 PM. Pick up our cars, and we should be back at EFUMC around 2 AM, Thursday, July 26, 2012.

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