aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A braw, bricht, moonlit nicht

I took the long way to Wilderstead yesterday. Had a parishioner in the hospital in Indy, so I swung by St. Vincent's on my way to the cabin.

I had bought a 35-gallon water tank so we wouldn't have to bring in water by the gallon any more. I only filled in about half full, since the year is half over. (Once the hard freeze comes, I'll have to drain it.) Well, I got it off the truck, but I didn't have anything to put it up on, and it was a real bear to move. It's all roly-poly, with nothing to grab onto. Two guys could easily pick it up and put it where it was wanted, but one guy alone has problems.

Still, there were other things to get done. I did some mowing. We have some friends coming over Sunday evening, so now we're ready for the bonfire. I went into town and bought a bunch of block for my retaining wall, as well as some cinder blocks to mount the water tank on. Ate supper in town, and wandered back out to the holler. I felled a newly-dead tree with still-sound wood, and cut it into three spars. I made a simple mount for the water tank out of capstones and cinder blocks.

The creek was still flowing a trickle. The bathing pool was halfway up my shins. The evening was cool, the moon was full, and I sat outside listening to turkeys cluck and other critters rustle about in the underbrush. I really cannot explain to people how healing it is for me to just be out in my holler. I managed to leave behind most of my stressors for a while -- and in the peace of the woods managed to clarify just what I was thinking about one of the biggies among the stressors. Wrote it down, looked it over, and filed it away.

Today, I treated the road to kill the weeds that were about to take over. After that, I unloaded the block from yesterday. Finally, I tackled the problem of raising the water tank. I did a quickie tripod lashing with the end of my 3/4" manila rope, made a cradle for the tank with the end of my big ol' synthetic rope, then I went for the block and tackle I bought off the internet a couple months ago. This allowed me to raise the water tank with one hand while I diddled it into position with the other. An adjustment or two, and Ta-da! all done.

I put everything away and returned to E-ville, where all sorts of e-mails were awaiting me. It seems I need to take a shower, shave, and head over to Bloomington Hospital now.

Rube Goldberg meets Horatio Hornblower Rube Goldberg meets Horatio Hornblower
Hoist away!
New water tank New water tank
The tank sits in the sunshine; the spars for the tripod are stacked and off the ground.



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