aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Family Camp, Part Three

We did three crafts at Family Camp. On Tuesday, we made our own camp t-shirts. Each camper brought a shirt from home. I had made up a bazillion iron-on transfers, serious, outdoorsy, and funny. The campers decorated their shirts according to their personal taste. Wednesday, we learned how to make baskets. I was prepared to lead the adventurous far afield, but everybody stayed at the beginners' level, which was fine. Better to be prepared for more but settle for less than to have some say that things were too simple. Last night, we made scented earth candles.

We played an old favorite game where you throw a ball up and everybody runs until you get control of it. Then you try to knock people out. I could NOT think of the name of the game. Deanne just reminded me that it's called Spud. (Showing my age, I guess.)

We went fishing. We had an epic water balloon fight. We played cards. I sang and played my guitar, to the bemusement of several (my taste has been formed by years of Scout camp and backcountry campfires). All in all, it was a great time.

Basket cases Basket cases
Logan and Chelsea learn how to weave a basket
Cleaning up Cleaning up
Zach, Harrison, and Logan do dishes
Witness Witness
The cross on the dam stands over the spot where many a baptism has been celebrated
Monkeying around Monkeying around
The fish weren't biting, so . . .
Off-duty mermaids Off-duty mermaids
Abby, Neely, Chelsea after a swim
Water balloon fight Water balloon fight
Neely on the prowl


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