aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Family Camp, Part Two

The thing that makes Family Camp different from other church camps is that it is widely integrated, age wise. Our oldest youth camper was sixteen, our youngest, just five. Ian had seen big brother and sister go off to camp his whole life, and he was eager to be old enough to go. It was a big adjustment to have to sleep with the big boys (Mommy was on the other side of the lodge with the girls), but he toughed it out.

Everyone, young and old, was trying new things, and there were some milestones. Sometimes, that involved trying new foods (I refuse to capitulate to some kids' desire to eat nothing but junk). Other times, milestones were found in learning new skills or gathering up one's courage to jump off the dock a little farther than ever before.

In a widely-graded camp, learning to accommodate each other is really important. Younger and older kids mix together, and everybody joins in the fun. Bible study has to be pitched to allow for an easy grasp; luckily, easy doesn't preclude the profound. We studied the creation stories (Genesis 1-3). Everybody took turns saying grace before meals. On our last night, we celebrated Holy Communion.

Testing the waters Testing the waters
Swimming is a high point for camp
Launch! Launch!
Ian takes the plunge for the first time
Splish splash Splish splash
Frolicking in the lake
Hangin' with the guys Hangin' with the guys
I can see them twenty years from now on the same couch; the things they talk about change, but the way they relate to each other doesn't.
You will be assimilated You will be assimilated
Blob tag
Movin' on down the road Movin' on down the road
Heading down to the beach


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