aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Family Camp, Part One

It was a long week. A good week, be it noted, but days spent in the sun doing lots of high-energy things -- and without the benefit of a heavily defined schedule with "break" written on it -- make for a lot of tired campers.

The Conference church camp program having priced itself out of our campers' range -- and also having moved Family Camp far away where nobody had ever been -- Amy and Julie came to me, asking if I could organize a Family Camp for our church. It was my pleasure to do so. I wrote an easy schedule, but with all the things you'd want to prevent boredom. We had morning Bible study, followed by recreation. After lunch, we swam and did crafts. In the evening, we did some more games and things, ending with devotions and snacks.

Oh, yeah, and since I was organizing it, you know we stuffed everybody like little sausages. We finally had to punt on one snack menu and one dessert, in order to push the leftovers at people. And still there was plenty. The kids took turns cooking and cleaning, with adult direction. They did fine.

I hadn't been to Temple Hills in sixteen years, but it was mostly the same. The lodge is big and commodious. There are places to build fires, a couple of chapel settings, a lake to swim and fish in, a big ball field. They even have a primitive camping area. We had the place pretty much to ourselves for our whole time there.

Life's a beach Life's a beach
Abby on our orientation walk of Temple Hills
Yes, she can Yes, she can
Julie CAN cook, she just doesn't, usually
So can they So can they
Neely and Chelsea in the kitchen
Tired Tired
Playground by the retreat lodge
Time to get up, Harrison Time to get up, Harrison
or have your picture posted online for all to see
Playing games Playing games
Amy prepares to toss up a ball in a game in the activity field


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