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Scout Camp Pix

I didn't take very many pictures at Scout Camp this year. Mostly, I just hung around camp and filled in where needed. Subbed as Troop medical officer (dispensing the daily meds) several times. Talked to kids, played my guitar, napped a bit. It was far more tiring to walk around southern Indiana in the heat and humidity than it was to backpack around Isle Royale. My biggest achievement was helping Kyle and the other Scouts get started on their treehouse. Had to teach/review lashings. And explain what a "stringer" was to kids for whom such a word is beyond their experience. It was a fun week. Here are some pix of Scouts being Scouts at camp.

The Treehouse of the Ransburg Moon The Treehouse of the Ransburg Moon
Getting started
Lashing down the platform Lashing down the platform
Humpty and Dumpty Humpty and Dumpty
aka Patrick and Tyler
Leaders Leaders
SPL Jeffrey and ASPL Jared at Order of the Arrow ceremony
Formation Formation
T.J. explains what he wants for his campfire
Finishing up Finishing up
Had to add the rails for safety's sake
Family Night Family Night
Brandon Baggins Brandon Baggins
But are his feet really furry? You can't tell with those tennies on.
Help, Lassie! Help, Lassie!
Timmy's up a tree.
Time to go home Time to go home
Ross looks like everybody felt


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