aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

And the winner is . . .

Me! To my surprise and delight, I was named the winner of the Scoutmasters' Cookoff at Ransburg Scout Reservation's closing Campfire last night. The winning dish was my St. Davy's Trifecta. Our Ridge Commissioner admitted to me this morning that he'd never had asparagus before, he was afraid to try it. He thought my dish of leeks, asparagus, and bacon was "Awesome." My prize was -- wait for it -- a 12" cast iron skillet (with the BSA emblem on the bottom). I love cast iron cookware.

Marshall F. earned the Shepherd's Heart Award from the Camp Chaplain. Harrison C. earned his Woodsman rank in Firecrafter. Andrew and Jared were recognized for finishing COPE. And we left this morning with a lot of blue cards (Merit Badge records).

As soon as I came in the door, Sassafras was there to be petted. Then Hera came running to be held by Daddy. Then Deanne came up, saying, "Me too, me too, me too!" I had to hunt Lightning down to pet him. And now, the word for today is, laundry.

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