aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Notes from camp

Congratulations to Logan Guzik, who was called out for Order of the Arrow last night. Logan is a couple weeks shy of 13, and a shining example of what a Scout should be. The boys made a good choice in electing him to this honor.

I was talking with a staff member about Kate, the Camp Dog. She's 13 years old, and this is HER camp. I've always said that if reincarnation were true, I'd want to come back as a camp dog. It's got to be the greatest job in the universe, bar none: lots of squirrels to chase, lots of room to roam, lots of kids to pet and admire you (and sneak you treats).

Family night is tonight, so camp will be stuffed to bursting with moms and dads and little siblings. Troop 119 is bringing in a metric boatload of pizza. I've made a cooler full of sun tea.

I've decided I want a t-shirt that reads, "I like bears, because they eat people."

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