aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Notes from camp

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and heard the thunder start. Dropped my tent flaps and went back to sleep. Soggy day so far. Forecast: Drippy with a chance of whining.

Yesterday, as we were waiting to go to chapel service, some of the Scouts wanted to go to the Trading Post. I said, "You only have six minutes, so you don't have time." They started off to the TP, assuming they had six minutes. I called after them, repeating, "You only have six minutes, SO you don't have time. Come back here and sit down." I said they apparently needed to take Grammar Merit Badge this week.

Marshall was standing by and said, "Grammar Merit Badge? I wanna take that one! Where do I sign up?" SPL Jeffrey looked at him, then pointed across the parade field. "Over there," he said. And so Marshall went off to sign up for Grammar MB. He was very disappointed to learn that there is no such badge. Our SPL was unrepentant. Me, I think shooting ducks on the water is unsporting.

We have 21 boys in camp. Gonna be a lively week. I also need to do some chaplain-talk with some of them: four of these Scouts are members of EFUMC, and three might as well be, and none of them were in church last Sunday. Hmmm...

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