aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Calling your shot

S'okay, I've got the expenses done for our Crew's Isle Royale trip. I was a bit worried about this, since gasoline skyrocketed after I finished my earlier budgeting; plus, one of the vehicles we took was a one-ton diesel truck. Still, when you work up a trip budget, you allow for some increases.

Anyway, ten people paid $350 each for nine days of adventure. As I'm fond of saying, that covers everything but your Coke and souvenir money. Total income, $3,500.

On the expense side were: Camping fees, $338.21; Transportation (including ferry tickets), $2,205.53; Supplies, $633.71 (about $7/day per person to feed the Crew); Gear, $152.94. Total expenses, $3,309.49.

Which means we have a balance left over of $169.51 (barring typos), which will go into the Crew Mega-Trip Fund. Boy, can I cost out a trip, or what?

I normally have anywhere from $250 to $500 left over from a major trip, because I estimate costs high when I put together the budget. It's an important skill you get better at, the more you do it. And while you always risk going in the hole, I've never done so. The closest I've ever come was one trip years ago, when the surplus was somewhere around fifty bucks.

I'll be offering a class in leading backpacking trips this fall for other Scouters. One of the skills I'll be teaching is how to budget the big trip.

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