aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Ice, ice, baby

I was cleaning the stovetop this morning and picked up the hot grill off the burner that had just been used to heat the coffee. Silly me, I knew better. I grabbed an ice cube and pressed the three burned fingers into it. Lynne arrived shortly thereafter to debug my computer. I held at least three more cubes in turn to my fingers, each time until they were completely melted, before I decided to look at the damage.

The worst finger has a nice burn on it, but after putting aloe vera gel on it and bandaging it, it doesn't hurt. It's just a boo-boo, not some awfulness. The other two fingers were almost unmarked and don't hurt at all now. Ice is magic for burns, as I learned in First Aid Merit Badge class at old Camp Wapehani a bazillion years ago. God bless Bob Finehout for teaching me that.
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