aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Isle Royale, Part Six

Going home

On Saturday, June 18, we left Fort Wilkins early for our longest, hardest day of driving. We had to cross the entire Upper Peninsula and at least a third of the Lower Peninsula before stopping at Scott and Connor's family cabin at Baldwin, Michigan. It took us eleven and a half hours.

Going home is as stressful as anything a group does. Everybody's tired. Grumpiness sets in. But then, too, people check out, mentally, sometimes: either they think the trip's over (when there's still two days' driving to do) or they're already preoccupied with what they've got to do when they get back. Either way, holding a group together and keeping them relating to each other the right way is hard, and the longer you've been away and the farther you've got to drive, the worse it is.

Still, we managed to get home in one piece. And we had some fun along the way. We stopped at Da Yooper Tourist Trap in Ishpeming, Michigan (a long-time ambition of mine). And we had a lovely evening at Camp Cow Woody, named after Scott's younger son, Payton's, early inability to pronounce "coyote." Mostly, though, we just drove. And drove. And then we were home.

World's Largest Working Chain Saw World's Largest Working Chain Saw
Da Yooper Tourist Trap
Just a widdle kid Just a widdle kid
Oversize lawn chair at Yooper Tourist Trap
Bobbing for something Bobbing for something
Connor samples Yooper humor
Guilty, guilty, guilty Guilty, guilty, guilty
Scott does penance
Zonked Zonked
It's a long way from there to here
Fishing Camp Fishing Camp
Scott and Connor's cabin in Michigan
What's cookin'? What's cookin'?
Scott's outdoor kitchen


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