aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Isle Royale, Part Three

Greenstone Ridge

Our second day on Isle Royale, we had a long hike ahead of us from Daisy Farm on the coast to Chickenbone Lake West campsite -- some nine miles (we took a shortcut, though). Our hike would take us along the Greenstone Ridge, named after the copper-bearing rocks that are so prominent on Isle Royale. All the copper used by Native Americans before the coming of Europeans came from this area. Many attempts were made to commercially mine the copper, but while it was easy to get to, there just wasn't enough to make it pay.

We began the day by filtering water. We had ten people in our group, which means we used an average of ten gallons of water a day for drinking, cooking, and washing. All water on Isle Royale has to be filtered or boiled. Iodine will not kill the tapeworm larvae found in inland waters on the Isle. Pumping water through our two filters was a daily chore, and one which must be done with full attention at all times, lest the clean output be contaminated by dirty water.

A mated pair of loons were nesting near the dock at Daisy Farm. We were careful not to disturb them. Spirits were better, even if the hike was longer. Straps were getting adjusted, people were getting used to hiking, new flowers -- ladyslippers, columbine -- delighted us. There were fewer mosquitoes. At Chickenbone Lake, we met some other Venturers from Wisconsin -- also chartered to a United Methodist Church.

Rosy-fingered dawn Rosy-fingered dawn
Daisy Farm
Early morning over Rock Harbor Early morning over Rock Harbor
Daisy Farm, IRNP
Loons Loons
Daisy Farm dock
Ladyslippers Ladyslippers
Flower child Flower child
Melodie picks up some ornaments on the trail
The Greenstone Ridge The Greenstone Ridge
Isle Royale's spine
Break time Break time
Soaking up the sun on the Greenstone Ridge
Who is that old man? Who is that old man?
Yours Truly on the Greenstone Ridge


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