aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Isle Royale, Part One

Getting there is half the fun

We were up betimes on Saturday, June 11, and rapidly packed. A crew snapshot, a prayer, and we were off. Venturing Crew 119 was heading to Isle Royale National Park -- the least visited National Park in the system, and one of the most re-visited by those who make it there. We started out with a long, boring day of driving, ending up just outside Madison, Wisconsin, at a private campground called Kamp Kegonsa.

The next day, we went north through Wisconsin, stopping for lunch in a town called Rhinelander. Years ago, the town elders decided that they needed something to attract tourists to their mining/logging/end of the world place. So, they called forth the Hodag, a Northwoods monster. He currently resides in the city park, amidst of cluster of really interesting museums: a railroad museum; a CCC museum; an old sawmill; a one-room school.

After yet more driving, we finally reached Copper Harbor, Michigan, on the tip of the pinkie of the U.P. We stayed at Fort Wilkins State Park just outside of town, and started converting our gear over from touring mode to trekking mode.

Just starting out Just starting out
Crew 119 still fresh and clean
Long drive Long drive
Connor checks out on the drive to Wisconsin
Portent of things to come Portent of things to come
The evening was chilly; it would get even chillier
Yuck Yuck
Kaleb making supper; Jeffrey is a picky eater
Kamp Kegonsa Kamp Kegonsa
First night's camp near Madison, Wisconsin
Hodag Under Glass Hodag Under Glass
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Choo-choo Choo-choo
Rhinelander museums
Waxing Moon Waxing Moon
Fort Wilkins State Park


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