aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Mad Dogs and Methodists go out in the noonday sun

It's an utter beast of a day. I'm packing up to go to Annual Conference up in Munchkinland in an hour or so, where the Great Oz will make his appearance from behind the curtain and appeal for our votes for his favored minions. Here's hoping that we have the heart, the brains, and the courage to see behind the smokescreen and elect delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference who will stand for the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints.

We need people who can address our denominational situation with sophistication, but without the sophistry prevalent among those whose understanding of the Faith is a thing of yesterday, who speak in codes with a wink here, a nudge there, and who beguile faithful servants to vote for them and then go off and vote contrary to what the members thought they represented.

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