aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Flyin' low

I've been assembling crew gear for Isle Royale today. I've also been assembling personal gear and program stuff for Annual Conference. I go to Conference at Muncie on Wednesday, and come back after the Scouting Ministry Breakfast Friday morning. Then I leave at half-past gawdawful Saturday morning for Isle Royale with the Venturers.

I can't ever remember having to prepare for two separate, overlapping trips at the same time. And the weird thing is, I've got to do this three times this summer. I get only a two-day turnaround between Scout Camp and Church Camp, and I've got to assemble all the food and program gear for the Church Camp before we go, so I'll be doing that in the run-up to Scout Camp. Then, I go to Wichita at the end of July for a UMM/NAUMS do, stay one night, and fly back; the youth leave on their mission trip the next day after church.

What have I gotten myself into? Why can't school give us back that extra month of summer we used to have?

On top of this, I've got a rash breaking out on my arms and legs. At first, I thought it was a touch of poison ivy, which I haven't had in years. But No, it is now apparent that I have a recurrence of the dreadful stress rash I had a few years ago, except it's not come with mottled skin, but with angry welts.

Really, I need an easier line of work, like, say, alligator wrestling.

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