aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A beautiful morning

I never get tired of posting pictures of Wilderstead.

After a busy Sunday, I toodled over to our cabin to spend a quiet evening. I had thought there might be storm damage in the holler. I was ready to break out my chainsaw, but everything was fine. Instead, I worked on the retaining wall at our building site this morning.

I was laying some block, when I realized I was up five courses at the lowest point without anything to back it up. The wall was starting to wobble at the touch. So I got out my barrow and shovel and moved some dirt. I back filled the wall so that it's stable, now. Then I finished laying the base at the south end. I still have a ditch to dig and a pipe to lay at the north end, as well as some pavers and castle block to place. Then, some time in late summer, I can start digging out the undercroft.

I note that we have a lot of honey locust out yonder, as well as green ash and box elder. Those aren't found just everywhere. Then, of course, there's hickory and sassafras and sycamore and all the usual.

It was as hot as summer in Oklahoma on the drive home, and everybody who had bought a box of Crackerjacks must have gotten a free drivers license with his purchase. Still, I got home in good order, albeit a wee dehydrated. Now for a nice, quiet evening at home.

Splish splash Splish splash
Inflow to bathing pool from the bank
The lower path The lower path
That's my compass pillar up ahead at the waymeet
The wall grows The wall grows
Building site


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