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Driving Miss Dee Dee

Today was Deanne's niece's graduation party in Pendleton. She wanted me to go because it's a family obligation. She also wanted to visit her parents' graves at Dayton, Indiana, just outside Lafayette. She wanted me to come along on that one for emotional support. And since her hands are all beaten up by too much driving, she wanted me to drive. Just call me the Indispensable Man.

We left about 10:00 a.m. and drove up US 231 to the south side of Lafayette, then skirted around the city to Dayton. Found the cemetery and the graves. Spent some important time. Then we drove along IN 38 all across northern Indiana to Pendleton, arriving a little after 3:00 p.m. In this way, we avoided all the traffic of the weekend.

Had a nice visit with Rachel and her mom, Debbie. Dave and Robin were there, and so were Dorothy and Mike. Of the nieces and nephews, there was Rachel, the graduate; Dave and Robin's son Peter and his new girlfriend Amanda; Dorothy and Mike's daughter Andrea, son Ryan, and Ryan's girlfriend Mercedes.

Debbie showed us her plot in the community garden across the street. Another of the gardeners was there, who also works on an organic farm in the area. Not realizing where we were from, he was telling us about these people in Bloomington who had bought some really cheap real estate and were trying to create an edible forest, so they could live off the land. Apparently, they recently were seen butchering a roadkill deer. To this guy's mind, the Bloomingtonians were off the charts, even in the organic community. All of us from Monroe County merely nodded our heads, sagely; we are beyond surprise at this point.

Finally, Deanne and I hopped on the intersnake and zipped down and around Indy. To avoid the mess at the IN 37 exit, we came down IN 67 to Gosport and thence to E-ville. It's been a good day, but I'm beat, and I need some protein.

At the graves of Estelle and DeWitt David Cole, Jr. At the graves of Estelle and DeWitt David Cole, Jr.
Dayton Cemetery
Princess for a Day Princess for a Day
Rachel (L) at her graduation party, with cousin Andrea (C) and Ryan's girlfriend Mercedes (R)


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