aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Something to think about in the run-up to Annual Conference

This article on why Catholics become Protestants I found very interesting:

If Catholics are becoming Protestants (in the case of The UMC, mainline Protestants) for the reasons stated, then I can only imagine how starved they are in the Roman Catholic Church, considering the meager spiritual sustenance and the quality of worship we offer them.

Now, I don't post this because I see dissatisfied Catholics as a good target audience for our marketing. The thing I take away from this is how hungry people are: Catholics, Mainliners, Evangelicals, the lot. And the thing that all of us have to do is feed Jesus's lambs. Which means that about 75% of everything we do in our corner of the vineyard is utterly secondary, and quite possibly irrelevant.

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