aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Which way did they go?

We had but a few Venturers today for our Crew meeting, but it was good. We made our second attempt to complete an Orienteering course. The last time we tried was a disaster. Too long a route, too many controls, etc. This time, there were only five controls on each route, I gave broader clues, and we had specifically practiced marking bearings and distances on the map (as opposed to merely taking a bearing and stepping it off).

I had two pairs out on different courses. The girls were on a three mile course (estimated time, two hours). They finished in 2:01. Not bad at all. Of course, they also got lost a couple of times. They phoned in for help a time or two. I took them water. But they did well. The boys chose a longer course: four miles (estimated time, 2.5 hours). They also got lost occasionally. I took them water, too. They finished in 2 hours 37 minutes. So, that's pretty good, too.

Michelle is 21, so she's technically an adult, but Kaila, Ben, and Kaleb are youth, and they are the first to qualify for the orienteering requirement of the Land Navigation skill set. Yay!

Urban Orienteering is much harder than cross-country Orienteering, I think. The street grid is confusing, and the number of buildings and property lines overwhelms one.
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