aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

River of Paradise

I named my seasonal creek the Pishon, after one of the rivers that ran through Eden. Pishon also touched on the land of Havilah, "where there is much gold." The only place gold has ever been found in our area is at the gravel bank where my creek enters into Laughery Creek. I figure it's coming down from somewhere between Woods Ridge and Akes Hill -- either my land, or the land immediately above it. So, the Pishon it is.

The water is still running freely in the creek, and the pool above the falls was deepened by the force of the spring rains. It's quite a nice little bathing pool, now. As I was washing off in it after my morning chores, I got my camera and took these pictures, from angles I don't usually capture, since when I'm in the middle of the creek, I rarely have a camera.

I went over to Wilderstead Friday and spent the afternoon mowing and doing road work. Went into town for more supplies, then back out for a beautiful night. Burnt a brush pile I'd been meaning to get to for a long while, then turned in for 9-10 hours of sleep in the loft of our cabin. This morning, I finished mowing the trail and the hallows on the other side of the creek, finished putting Roundup on the road, replaced the support logs for the plank bridge heading up the holler, and a few other things. Didn't finish the last stretch of barbed wire, since everything greened up so lush, so fast. Guess I'll wait until fall to get at the last section.

This weekend must be the Grand Kickoff to the yard sale season. Everybody with something to sell was out spreading their wares on tables in the yard. US 50 was an intermittent traffic jam all the way from Dillsboro to Brownstown, and people were driving accordingly (i.e., like frogs that had been pithed).

Upstream Upstream
from my favorite bathing pool
Inflow Inflow
to the bathing pool
Downstream Downstream
A golden bright day from the shade of the Pishon



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