aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Visiting the Grandcub

I drove over to Wilderstead Sunday evening. Got up at Birdsong Monday morning and was out the front gate at 5:45 a.m. Exactly eleven hours later, at 4:46 p.m., I entered First Landing State Park. I called Anna and Brian and asked what they wanted to do. I was too poohed out to drive anywhere, but they picked me up, and we all went to a Japanese steak house, one of those where they put on the grill show. Anna and Brian had never eaten at such a place before, and needless to say, it was all new for Daniel, too.

The next day, I delivered late Christmas/early birthday presents. Then we went to the zoo. Rode the train, looked at various animals close up, ate at the zoo fast food place. I returned to camp and turned in early. Wednesday, we visited the Warplane Museum and saw a lot of stuff, including a lot of WW I planes.

I drove from Virginia Beach to Wilderstead yesterday. A noise like Hell's grindstone started up as I was nearing Charleston, WV. I'm guessing a wheel bearing going out. I got to Wilderstead in good time, though, and spent a quiet evening in the holler. Returned today without incident.

I'm tired from all the driving, of course, but I feel much more relaxed than I was when I left. It was good to get a real vacation -- nothing but fun and family. So now I'm home, doing laundry and getting things put in order around here while Deanne is off visiting a hospice patient in Linton.

Daniel is a happy baby and a very friendly boy. We got along famously. I can't wait until the day comes when he can visit us at Wilderstead and roam the hills, play in the creek, build things . . . Meanwhile, enjoy the pics of the little werecub. He's almost eleven months old now.

None for me, thanks None for me, thanks
Still a little young for ice cream
Duck! Duck!
Well, mallard, actually
Daniel in the lion's den Daniel in the lion's den
Mordred wants to know who the new stiff is
Spring day at the zoo Spring day at the zoo
and all the animals are napping
Flying tiger Flying tiger
Crouching werecub
I know I left my chewing gum in there somewhere I know I left my chewing gum in there somewhere
Daddy's beard is more interesting than warplanes
More airplane art More airplane art
I had to explain to my grown children who the Katzenjammer Kids were
You gonna eat all that? You gonna eat all that?
Burgers and fries at Fuddrucker's



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