aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A thought for Mothers Day

Sunday, May 8, is my Mother's birthday. She would be turning 90 if she were still living. I loved her intensely, though we fought like cats and dogs for years. We were far too much alike.

Margaret Collins (nee Shirley) was a traditionalist and a trailblazer at the same time. She was a patriot. She served her country as a Staff Sgt. in the WACs in New Guinea during WW II. She believed in the ancient verities, while at the same time she refused to occupy the various boxes that lazier minds wanted to put her in. She was a forceful leader in her community -- and she did not suffer fools gladly -- yet she was also kind and friendly with those who were struggling with poverty and with other conditions. She had been poor herself, and never forgot it, nor did she feel herself better than those who hadn't found their way out of their predicaments. She volunteered for many things, but in her latter days she was most involved in Red Cross work helping soldiers get home when their families were in crisis.

She was proud of me, and I am proud of her. That about says it all.

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