aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Wiped out

It's been a very long day. By early afternoon, I was butchering a couple of beef tenderloins to make steaks for tonight's wedding rehearsal dinner, which was to be catered by our Venturers. In the middle of that, an old friend called me to talk about the very real calamities that have beset her. She needs much prayer right now.

Deanne came over to the church by three o'clock as the youth were arriving. She told me that someone called to tell me a parishioner is in the hospital. I had no time to go see him; it'd have to wait until morning. Other folks also looked me up today with various things they needed.

Meanwhile, we made yeast rolls (some of the best I've made in a long while). We prepped chicken and everything else. By 6:00 or so, I had to bow out to prepare for the rehearsal. Deanne and the youth finished getting ready.

The final menu for this rehearsal dinner was Italian salad, herb pinwheel rolls, beef filet (with mushroom gravy), Italian chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, green beans, and Black Forest cake (the BFC was also the best I've made in a long while). We wowed 'em, both on the food end and the service end. I am so proud of our Venturers.

And I am so ground to hamburger right now.

This spud's for you This spud's for you
You can count on Connor and Jeffrey to handle the hot potatoes


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