aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Prayers for the Pink Puppy Princess

Prayers for Sassafras, please. Our doggy was finding it hard to get up on her legs and stay there. Don't know what's going on with her, but her various health problems are getting worse. She's ageing very rapidly. Deanne has taken her to the vet this evening to get her checked out.

In other news, Jeffrey (one of our Venturers) came over this afternoon, and we've spent the last two hours making a plus-sized Black Forest Cake. I'm waiting for the layers to cool enough to de-pan. The other stuff is chilling over at the church. We'll finish assembling it tomorrow afternoon.

We baked over here today, because there was a funeral dinner at the church earlier, and tonight is the Mothers Day Banquet, which they are decorating for as we speak. Cinco de Mommy-o, or something.

Tomorrow is the wedding rehearsal for which the Venturers are cooking the dinner. Which is what the Black Forest Cake is for. Then comes the wedding on Saturday, church on Sunday, and I'm heading out for Virginia. I just hope Sassy is feeling better before I go.

UPDATE: Deanne returned with Sassy. It's arthritis in her back (rather typical for long-bodied dogs). The stiffness leads to a pinched nerve that makes her back legs tremble. Kinda like sciatica, I guess, and I sure know what that feels like. Anyway, she'll need a series of shots over the next few weeks. Good old girl never complains. Gotta love her.

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