aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

No room in the inn, er . . . park

I tried to get reservations at Ft. Wilkins Historic State Park in Copper Harbor today. Nobody was in at the park (the season hasn't started yet, and the Rangers were probably all out and about). I called the reservation number, and they told me that if they made my reservations, they'd have to charge me a separate campsite fee for each adult + 3 children, even for non-electric sites. That would be something like $100 a night. If I want to reserve the cheaper Group Camping sites, I have to call Ft. Wilkins directly. So, I'll pursue that tomorrow.

I then punched up Kohler-Andrae S.P. outside Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to make an internet reservation for our first night (a Saturday). The sites were reasonably priced, but I'd have to reserve two. They had two adjacent sites available. That's fine, but -- as with so many phone- and internet-reservation systems, I'd have to reserve two nights on a weekend. So I called Kamp Kegonsa, a private campground that bailed me out on our trip to Yellowstone in 2003. Yes, they can accommodate us, and since they like to give Scouts a break, they'll rent us two sites for the price of one -- a mere $21. (Advice: never throw away materials you get from previous campgrounds; you never know when you might want to go back!)

So, all I've got to do still is to get Ft. Wilkins campsites for June 12 and 17, and all reservations will be confirmed!

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