aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I clean my office twice a year, whether it needs it or not

I cleaned my office today. Did four months' worth of filing and put stuff away that I got out and then hadn't gotten around to putting back yet. You can see my desktop and my floor. This is progress.

I've just cleaned off the clutter from (most of) the dining room table, where I do most of my work at home. I have a full trashcan and I have found stuff I've been looking for for a while. This is a good thing.

I've got everything pretty much put away from the weekend's camping trip. Cleaned, sorted, placed on shelves. Yay! for me.

I've got my Sunday School room, in which I teach Sunday School and where I store most of our Venturing stuff, about halfway cleaned. At least, most of the junk has been pitched. You can find everything, though not everything is put away yet. That'll come.

In the heat of battle, we pull things from all over to supply the needs of the moment. After the big whoop-ti-do, we're tired, and nobody wants to put anything away. But if you don't clean up after the ball, then you're going to be very ill prepared for the next big deal. So this week has been a week for cleaning and sorting and putting in order. I've got to clear the decks, make everything ship-shape and Bristol fashion -- before summer comes crashing in, and the next period of struggle and confusion descends.

Now, if I can just finish my taxes before I leave on vacation next week . . .

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