aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Do you know the Muffin Man?

Well, the Scout-o-rama went well, and everybody had fun. For our happy Crew, it almost didn't happen. We had some difficulty lining up the right adult leadership to make the magic happen, but in the end, we cobbled it together, and everything went smoothly. Only three of the six youth I thought were going showed up, but they showed spirit and skill, and we did very well. Jeffrey, who is also SPL of Troop 119, made a fourth.

Venturers usually don't do jamboree-style camping, but we can. This time, we brought a lot of heavy gear. Doing cooking demos means that you are bringing everything, including the kitchen sink -- literally. We used my car as a proofing box to raise the yeast dough we made. I just wish I'd made a faux street sign that said, Drury Lane.

For our demo was an English Cream Tea. We made four batches of English muffins (about eight dozen in all) -- from scratch. We spent all morning mixing, kneading, raising, and proofing. Then we spent all afternoon baking and serving. English muffins are baked on a griddle like pancakes instead of being baked in an oven, so we brought my big propane burner and my 24" cast iron skillet. To toast the muffins, we brought a cast iron hibachi. To slather on them (the better to increase one's joy), we had clotted cream, orange marmalade, strawberry preserves, red currant jelly, creme fraiche, Nutella, cream cheese, and, of course, butter. We also made several pots of tea throughout the afternoon. And no, we were not capitalizing on the royal wedding; we thought of this weeks ago.

Other units were doing cool things, too. There were Pinewood Derby competitions, displays, games. I walked around a bit and enjoyed seeing what people were doing.

Feeding ourselves was fun, too. I taught the Venturers how to make omelettes over a one-burner backpacking stove. For supper, we made Monte Cristo sandwiches and St. Davy's Trifecta (a dish of bacon, leeks, and asparagus). And, by coming home last night, we beat the rain, which was nice.

I went back out this morning at 6:30 to do church for those who braved the weather. It went well. Then I came back to town and did church at my regular stand. That went well, too.

Nice setup Nice setup
Crew 119 moves in
Can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs Can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs
Kaleb masters the technique
Kneady people Kneady people
Kaila whomps up some muffin dough while Kara and Ben look on
A bridge too far A bridge too far
Asst SM Jeff Marshall helps Troop 219 get their monkey bridge up
Give a man enough rope Give a man enough rope
Tiernan the Boybarian
Griddle me this Griddle me this
Baking English muffins
Sack time Sack time
Pack 229 conducted sack races
Hold your nose Hold your nose
Jeffrey and Dean waterproof tents after the gear has been removed
Ready to go home Ready to go home
Somebody get me a bungee cord


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