aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Back from the woods

I took a nap late yesterday afternoon, then had supper. As evening gathered around, I headed for Wilderstead. I got there just before ten o'clock, relaxed for a couple of hours, and went to bed. It was rainy and nasty this morning, and I figured there'd be no fence repair today, so I drove into town (backtracking to avoid the flooded roads) and bought some more block for my retaining wall.

When I got back to the cabin, the morning had cleared, and looked like it would hold for a while. I got fenceposts and post driver and went along the fence line on Woods Ridge. Got everything pounded in except the last one. There was a fencepost I thought I could raise on the last, steep descent to the Pishon, but it turned out to be bent. So, I'll need to go back there with a new post next time. By the time I got to that far corner, it was beginning to drizzle and the hillside was steep and muddy, so I trudged back to the cabin and got dried off.

Still got to fix the barbed wire on that last section. And soon, I'll have to mow trails and spray Roundup on the road. And, oh you get the idea. Always something to do.

I drove home in the rain. Took care of me (shower and shave) and the dog (evening walk). Ready now for Scouts. Venturers are camping this weekend at the Fairgrounds, so it'll be a short week to get everything done. Still, I feel much better for a rest in the woods. Now, if my jaws would just relax, I'd be fine.

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