aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Hold onto your hats

So, I was on our Annual Conference website, looking over the clergy and laity who filed to run for General Conference. Most of the laity I don't know, but many of the clergy I do.

I re-read my own submission and compared it to what others were saying. I thought mine stacked up well against the whole (for what that's worth). I read several submissions from clergy I know well, some of whom I would be pre-disposed to vote for, and others whom I would be pre-disposed not to vote for. I couldn't tell much difference in what anybody submitted. The campaign process encourages us all to say things that identify us as in the mainstream of opinion. Strong views -- especially strong views that place one on the edge of the herd -- were not expressed among the files I reviewed. Maybe they were all speaking in code and I missed it.

Anyway, I pray for the Church, and especially those who will vote for delegates in the Annual Conferences this year. It may get very messy, though that will be only a shadow of what General Conference will be like next year. God's will be done.

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