aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


Well, we had a rare evening. I met up with prester_scott and yechezkiel at the local Arby's, where we were soon joined by that_guy_zach. We wandered out to Wilderstead, since Scott had evinced a desire to see the holler. Then we came back to town and descended upon my house.

collinsmom was in bed, sick, so I did all the honors as host. We talked and drank while I cooked supper: NY strip broiled with a basting liquor; fresh asparagus; salad; rolls (ready-made from Kroger, I'm afraid); and some shortcake thing from Jungle Jim's I grabbed as dessert while I was buying meat and drink. (prester_scott looked at the ESB on a bottle of Welsh ale -- which stands for "Extra Special Bitter" -- and dubbed it "the Empire Strikes Back." Yeah, baby.)

Sassy was surprisingly friendly, and Cuthbert was obligingly cute. After supper, we hung around and talked and drank and talked some more. It was a great evening. I like parties, and unpretentious ones with good food and friends are the best.

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