aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor gloom of night -- did I mention RAIN?

Crew 119 pulled off its previously delayed and now abbreviated backpacking shakedown in the Owen-Putnam State Forest. We were dropped off Friday evening at Rattlesnake Campground, which is waaay back in the boonies. “It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from there,” as we say. We set up camp quickly and easily. Supper was jambalaya. I filtered a few liters of water. We built a nice fire and did some star-gazing. It was a beautiful night.

The next morning we got things going well. We filtered water from the pond, got camp struck; everything was going well. The only worry point was a rumble of thunder coming on a moist breeze. Still, it held off until we got started, so there was no use hanging around to wait out the rain. We hit the trail at 9:30 a.m., right on schedule.

The rain started in earnest as we headed down the trail south from Rattlesnake. After a half hour or so, the heavens simply opened. We trudged on with lightning and thunder crashing overhead, till we were all squishing in our boots. Eventually, we holed up for a bit under somebody’s garage canopy. The rain was still falling steadily, but we were afraid that if we sat much longer, we’d have somebody heading into hypothermia. So we trudged on.

We arrived shortly at the State Forest horse camp. We strung up the dining fly and got some water on the stove so we could make our hypothermia cure-all: double-strength hot Gatorade. We parked ourselves for lunch. We also had the chance to change into dry clothes in the restroom. At the end of lunch, somebody said we should pray for sunshine. I realized they weren’t kidding. I prayed for better weather; the Venturers appeared to pray with unusual fervor. Within a few minutes, the rain began clearing off.

I went to change. Kaila was on the Women’s side and we talked a bit through the wall. She said that prayer really seemed to work. I replied neutrally that God answers prayer. She said that at this rate, I just might convert her. That would be a good thing, I replied.

The sun came out and dried up all the landy-landy. Other than some very soggy shoes, we were all pretty happy. The spring green under the blue sky was just beautiful. We got under way again around 12:30. From the horse camp to Fish Creek Camp was four miles on the road. Our way took us down the Fish Creek Valley. It was some fairly easy hiking. Even my boots dried out a bit. The last hill up to the campground was a killer, but then we were done.

We rested at Fish Creek Camp, made supper, and were cleaning it up when Deanne arrived to help bring us in. We cleaned up dinner, packed up and drove back home. We set up the tents and spread the groundcloths to dry. Parents picked up Venturers and I put gear away. It was another great trip. A little weather can’t stop our Crew.

Rougher! Tougher! Buffer!

Is this a Privy or a Tardis? Is this a Privy or a Tardis?
Rattlesnake Campground, OPSF
Settling in Settling in
Kaila, Melodie, Jordan
American Gothic American Gothic
Either that, or we've camped next to the trolls' lair
Early in the morning Early in the morning
Rise and shine!
Any port in a storm Any port in a storm
We make hot gatorade under the fly; life is good.
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
and itsy bitsy spider dried out and hiked on
Well, hello there Well, hello there
Mare and foal come over to greet us as we pass by
Country landscaping Country landscaping
Outhouse with daffodils
The last hill The last hill
It's a doozy


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