aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Feeling better

I was totally bummed this afternoon. Feeling weak, semi-sick like I was coming down with something. Ah, stress. How well I know thee.

So I went out to touch the woods. Wilderstead was amazingly soggy, but it did me good just to spend a few minutes out there. I photographed some turkeys on our road, looked at all the water rushing down the creek (Katrina lives!), inspected the cabin (and found a small tear in a screen -- probably a bird or something hit it).

Anyway, I'm doing better tonight. I'm riding an emotional roller coaster right now, but important things are a-doin', and I've got to be able to meet the challenge. What I've learned is that instead of running myself in the ground, I need to take off and build myself up to meet the challenge. I count work in a) tasks and b) emotional weight. I can do so many tasks of X weight per week. If I fool around and do no other work that week, that's fine. Recuperating, thinking, and getting ready for the next major push is not time wasted.

The old Circuit Riders got a lot done, but they spent an awful lot of time on horseback, just riding along, talking to God, thinking, being outdoors. I can relate.

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