aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Good food, good company

We had our second meeting of Real Men Cook With Fire™ tonight. There were four of us (we're hoping next week to gain back the two who couldn't make it tonight). We made chicken wrapped in bacon and pasta-and-potato. We had a cheesecake dessert, but at least two of us were too stuffed with the entree and side to even try some.

Tonight's topic was Family. Not the family you have now, the family you came from. We told stories about growing up. We laughed a lot. We talked about what roles we were assigned by our families. At the end, I summed up by pointing out that the Book of Genesis is mostly the story of history's most dysfunctional family -- but that God kept calling various members of that fractious clan to spiritual greatness. So, you're not limited to whatever role you were assigned growing up.

Next week, the topic is Goals and Achievements, and I told the guys that it would start out with Brag Night. Each man is to bring something to illustrate something he is proud of. I'm thinking things may get very deep next week -- in more than one sense.

Good times.

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