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Hera spent yesterday at the vet for a barium test. Everything shows fine (no blockage). The vet thinks she has IBS. So she has more medicine to take and a special diet.

Meanwhile, my scratchy throat, etc., has gotten markedly worse. Actual symptoms of throat, nose, etc., aren't too bad, but my body is majorly fatigued. I had no time to deal with it yesterday, since I had a command performance (clergy meeting) in Sullivan. I called this morning, and my doctor's office is so swamped, they couldn't get me in before Thursday. So, it was off to the drop-in clinic, where I read a book for nearly two hours and then walked out with a prescription for penicillin.

Deanne is preparing to go backpacking again; she hasn't carried a pack since 2003. She just asked me if Tylenol were a smellable. Could she keep it in the tent? I'm thinking that'd be fine, especially since we don't have bears around here. Raccoons, yeah, but I can't see them going gaga for acetominophin; although one did onetime ransack my pack for some Metamucil cookies. He just wanted to be a regular guy, I guess.

Tell ya what. Let's make a deal: We'll pray for all you, and all you pray for us, and we'll all get through this together!

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