aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

. . . nascetur ridiculus mus

After being bombarded with calls about Cub Scouts for two days, we had precisely ONE boy and his mom show up for our signup night. And I found out later that immediately after leaving our church, they went up to the elementary school where another, bigger Pack (with all this boy's buddies) was signing up kids and signed up again. So we'll be refunding their check, of course. that_guy_zach will be calling around our other Cubbie prospects, and we'll see where we are in a week or so. I imagine we'll launch something, but it'll be small again this year. And that's okay, but still a bit disappointing.

Oh, and after much promo and hoorah on my part, we attracted exactly NO boys to sign up for a new Boy Scout troop. Well, I told collinsmom that I wanted either LOTS of kids or NO kids. It makes it easier to make the call. I guess they don't want what we're offering. On some level, I'm disappointed not to be a Scoutmaster again and get to play Mr. Wizard wowing the Tenderfeet. On another level, though, I'm relieved.

Meanwhile, we have one active Venturer left in our crew. The Crew's next meeting will lead into a joint baby shower with the United Methodist Women for our Venturer who just became a mommy. Other Venturers are off in college, living out of town, or in the Marines.


EDIT: The one active Venturer is NOT the same as the one who just had a baby, who has joined the semi-retired list noted further on.

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