aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I'll take it

Got a strange sort of compliment yesterday. My brother-in-law, the Anglican deacon, was visiting from Florida. After the service, he told me, "You're an excellent Protestant preacher." He expanded on that by comparing my approach to C.S. Lewis. We then talked a little Anglo-Saxon Church together, as well as what people see in Latin as a worship language.

I don't think he meant to say that I was an excellent example of an Evangelical, which is how I think that comment would be received in my neighborhood. Nor was he saying that I sounded anti-Catholic. But I talk about Jesus a lot, and in an unvarnished manner. The cultural tics of both Evangelicalism and Catholicism seem like pretty small potatoes to me, and I've never understood why some people get so wrapped up in them. (The cultural tics of First Church, Mainline, don't do much for me, either.) Aesthetics and tradition and shibboleths are all fine and good, but I want to hear about Jesus wherever I go.

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