aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Another conditioner hike

Kaila set up a day of hiking at McCormick's Creek for us. It was an ambitious route; unfortunately, the creek was waaay up, and we couldn't get across it. We spent a lot of energy clambering around the slopes of the canyon trying to make connections between unflooded sections of our route, and in the end only cranked out about half the mileage we planned on. Still, it was a nice day and there were the Falls to visit.

Dress for the weather Dress for the weather
Kaila (left) was our leader today
Down the path Down the path
Winter woods on the edge of spring
Rapunzel, rapunzel Rapunzel, rapunzel
Emily, Drama Queen
Someone to watch over me Someone to watch over me
Melodie at the Falls overlook
The Falls The Falls
Trolls Trolls
Chris and Michael find a cave to lurk in


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