aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Ego! Opto redire! Ad Phillipimontum!

The deadline for 2012 Philmont reservations is this week, and I've been fretting over it, big-time.

My attempts to identify a crew or crew leader besides Crew 119 or me have all failed. It looked like I was going to have to make reservations for just one crew for our scheduled date in July, 2012. This would mean a possibly tight fit for our flourishing Venturing Crew, since we might have more than twelve persons who would want to go. On the other hand, it might be impossible for us to field two crews.

Sunday, I asked some of our Crew adults about their interest in Philmont. At least three of the women on that hike were interested. Add in at least three men and at least eight youth that I know of, and we'd already be up to 14 persons. That's the minimum size for two crews. Then tonight, I talked with a friend from a nearby UM church who is interested in starting a Venturing Crew there. His daughter turns 14 in June. Whatever happens in terms of launching a Crew at their church, Yes, he and his daughter want to go to Philmont next year. Perhaps a few more from that church or surrounding UM churches might want to go. We could take a maximum of 24 persons (no more than eight of which would be adults).

So, okay, I'm going to reserve two 2012 Philmont crews for NAUMS this week, using our Crew as an organizational base. Then, we'll seek to fill out those crews with other youth and adults in the area. I'm trusting that it is the will of God that we make this opportunity available, and that he won't let us fail so long as we glorify him and don't lose our nerve.

When the NAUMS Board meets in March, I will tell them of our progress. I will also tell them, we need to get cracking to identify possible crew leaders for the 2014 crews. Now. I leave office in July, 2012, and if we don't have them in place at that time, my successor as President will be at a great disadvantage in keeping this program going.

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