aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Monday, Monday

The start of another busy week is upon us. Bleah.

The camera I bought last year to take to Philmont has been going haywire, and would cost more to fix than to replace, so I went shopping for a new camera last week. Couldn't find one with an optical viewfinder, which is a pain. I finally bought a cheap Casio; if I don't like it, I can afford to donate it to the Scout auction or something. The first few pictures I took were awful, until I turned on the anti-shake feature. The pictures now are pretty good.

In other news, I've been suffering from sleep deprivation for a while now. I've been running so hard for so long that I'm physically beat down. My mind is tired and I'm grumpy, too, which goes with the physical weariness. I really need to take more naps and have more fun (of a less strenuous nature). But the deadlines just keep comin'. This weekend is a youth retreat down at Ransburg. On the horizon is a nine-week series of dinner discussions with younger men. Just beyond that, there's the beginning of Lent, income taxes to be done, and four days of national meetings in Nashville.

Oh, well. Only the dead have nothing to do.

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