aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

First Conditioner Hike of the Spring

Our happy crew had our first conditioner hike of the year today. We did seven miles of road hiking, starting from the school. We hiked over the county line, wandered south a bit and returned. There were lots of farms and woods, dogs and cows. It was a cool, breezy day, but the rain we feared passed off early this morning.

It was the day of the wimmings, as we had more females than males on an event for the first time (six of ten were female). Brooke was our hike leader and did a fine job. Deanne made her first hike in several years; she is determined to be able to go backpacking again.

It was a hard day of hiking. We spent four hours twenty minutes to do seven miles, and we were all pretty footsore when we were done. But then, roads are hard to hike, and for the first hike after storing up our winter fat, I thought it went well.

Hitting the Road Again Hitting the Road Again
Crew 119 sets out on its first conditioning hike of the spring
Can't keep a good woman down Can't keep a good woman down
Deanne is back on the trail
Lots of character Lots of character
What old barns have
The Edge The Edge
The Monroe-Owen County Line shows up as the line between woods and fields
They're following us They're following us
Buzzard circling overhead
Dropping like flies Dropping like flies
Ben, it's only been four miles
Feerless Leader Feerless Leader
Brooke led her first hike


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