aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Some people's opinion is worth more than two cents

There's a doctor in NH who is facing State disciplinary action for unprofessional conduct. His offense? He told a fat woman she was obese and needed to lose weight.

Seems to me that some people have the right (and the duty) to say things that other people shouldn't say. If I tell you you're fat, that's insulting. If a physician tells you you're fat, that's a professional opinion. Likewise, if somebody else tells you you're a sinner, that's judgmental. When I tell you you're a sinner, that's a professional opinion.

If you don't like what your physician tells you, go find another. If you don't like what your pastor tells you, go find another. (And on your head be the consequences for refusing to hear the unpleasant truth.)

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