aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

sibling rivalry

Cuthbert has learned to negotiate the stairs and now is assuming the run of the house. This irritates Sassafras no end. The cat has sniffed at HER food (earning a bark). He has begun to suck up to Mama in the bedroom (where Sassy likes to sleep at nights on the floor).

Sassy has been begging for attention more than ever. Very unlike her. And she is more demanding about her daily walks than ever. VERY like her. I call our daily walk our Daddy-Doggy Time. On the Upside, Cuthbert and Sassy have occasionally touched noses, checking each other out -- without uproar. They don't cuddle yet, but they're learning to live with each other.

Cuthbert goes to the vet tomorrow for a checkup. His left eye remains sore, and this worries me. Also, the last bone in his tail is crooked. Both situations may be injuries sustained by being dumped at five weeks to fend for himself. Meanwhile, he has become clingy and purry and altogether too cute (and knows it).

EDIT: I added a couple more pix of Cuthbert in his gallery. Then I thought that I probably needed to make a gallery for Sassy, so's she would get equal time. Sassy's gallery is found at:

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