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One of the tiresome things I have to do every year is file a Continuing Education report with my Annual Conference. Toward the goal of so many standard units of edge-uh-muh-cation, I am allowed to count my professional reading. So I keep a list of most of my non-fiction reading (plus a few "management theory" things like any new Dilbert books) and put them on the report which I submit to Charge Conference.

So, just as a means of asking, "what're you guys reading?" I'm including under the LJ cut eleven months' worth of reading for this year.

American Soldier, by General Tommy Franks
If it's not Close, They Can't Cheat, by Hugh Hewitt
The Problem of Pain, by C.S. Lewis
Sermon No. 60, "The General Deliverance," by John Wesley
The Study of Liturgy, Cheslyn Jones, Geoffrey Wainwright, Edward Yarnold, Eds.
Great Maps of the Civil War, by William J. Miller
When Washington Crossed the Delaware, by Lynne Cheney
The Golden Ratio, by Mario Livio
Foxfire 7, ed. by Paul F. Gillespie and his students
The Filioque: a Church-Dividing Issue? an agreed statement of the North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation
Bury the Chains: prophets and rebels in the fight to free an empire's slaves, by Adam Hochschild
"Anglicans in Exile," by Perry Robinson
Winning the Future, by Newt Gingrich
Eats, Shoots, & Leaves: the zero tolerance approach to punctuation, by Lynne Truss
Bible Literacy Report, Bible Literacy Project
Aesop's Fables
The Pentagon's New Map: war and peace in the twenty-first century, by Thomas P.M. Barnett
Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain 1942
AD 500: a journey through the dark isles of Britain and Ireland, by Simon Young
Mercia and the Making of England, by Ian W. Walker
Reformation: Europe's house divided 1190-1700, by Diarmaid MacCulloch
Explanatory Notes Upon the New Testament, by John Wesley
1215: the year of Magna Carta, by Danny Danziger & John Gillingham
God's Secretaries: the making of the King James Bible, by Adam Nicolson
The Four Loves, by C.S. Lewis
Who Were the Babylonians? By Bill T. Arnold
On the Apostolic Preaching, by St. Irenaeus of Lyons
The Whole World Guide to Language Learning, by Terry Marshall

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