aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Passions are aroused

Lot of Sturm und Drang circulating on United Methodist blogs and social networks. We're coming up on General Conference elections this spring and summer. Tempers are flaring, and some are angrily insisting that they love the Church just as much as their opponents do. Others are suggesting that we could jolly well do without some of these people we've been dragging along all these years [fingers pointing in both directions].

Me, I'm a church orphan. I stumbled into The UMC because I read the Articles of Religion and thought, "I'd like to belong to a church that believed that." Also, First UMC of Terre Haute was just up the street from our first apartment. So I don't have a lifelong sense of belonging that I'm defending; I'm a United Methodist by choice and commitment, and so long as I can live out what I was looking for when I came in, I'm happy to stay. Only if General Conference makes it impossible for me to stay with my conscience intact will I leave.

As John Denver sang a long while ago:
Love is why I came here in the first place,
Love is now the reason I must go;*
Love is all I ever hoped to find here,
Love is still the only dream I know.

*If I must.

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