aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

On the road again

Well, I got up at half past gawdawful this morning. Couldn't sleep any longer, figured I'd go ahead and get showered and stuff. Also worked on a teaching outline for an adult Church History class I'm hoping will go over.

We leave at Six bloody A.M. for Wilmore, KY, today. collinsmom is checking out Asbury's Masters in Counseling program. Don't know where-all this'll lead, but we're going to see.

Finished sawing up the crown of a 55' ash tree out at Wilderstead. Laid aside several small limbs to season. They will be ready to make into walking sticks next spring. Wife wants us to sell them at local craft fairs. Only have one more (big, double-trunked) tree to clear before laying out the building site in its particulars for the various permits I'll need (construction, sewer, driveway).

Cuthbert is batting at my leg, wanting more attention. (There is never enough attention to satisfy him. He's a love sponge.) Sassy is snoozing on the loveseat upstairs. With her over-sized head, she is the only dog I've ever known to use a pillow like a human.

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