aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

In From the Cold

The 17th annual Winter Rendezvous was a great success. Venturing Crew 119 and Troops 190/193 were the cook staff. We whomped up enormous masses of food. Total registration was 450 or so, and we served them all for dinner. The campers, young and old, loved it all, including the haggis.

It's traditional at the Rendezvous to have a "mystery meat" dish. Haggis was this year's most exotic dish; we told the squeamish it was "Scotch Meatloaf." But there were also venison pasties, a dish largely unknown to southern Indiana. Even some adults mispronounced the dish, with comic results.

I had a great time, though I'm beat now. And I'm very proud of our Venturing Crew. They worked together well and did a great job. It looks like now I'm going to have to print up a list of recipes for Inquiring Minds.

Dining Hall in the snow Dining Hall in the snow
Maumee Scout Reservation
The Jones Boys The Jones Boys
Cub Scouts Jonathan and Dakota came to camp
You cut me to the heart You cut me to the heart
Brooke minces sheep hearts to make haggis while Makayla looks on
There will be tears There will be tears
We went through 100 lbs of onions; SOMEBODY had to chop 'em
Bringin' the heat Bringin' the heat
Some of the outdoor cooking crew gathering round their portable wood stove
Stirring the pot Stirring the pot
Valerie and Dave are full of beans
Jordan looks pasty-faced Jordan looks pasty-faced
The crew makes venison pasties
The natives are restless The natives are restless
Waiting for the doors to open before dinner
Food, glorious food Food, glorious food
The serving line is open



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