aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Ready or not, here we come

There are strange things done in the name of fun

   By the men who cook for boys;

To do the job and feed the mob

     Is not most folks’ source of joys.

 Demanding food, they’re in no mood

     For the usual fare, you see:

So that cold Rendezvous the best I knew

     Was required at Camp Maumee.

I spent all morning finalizing my food order from the distributor, then phoning it in.  Then I went shopping for MORE food.  Now, I've got to go gather up the bits of stuff lying about our kitchen or the church's that I'm glomming onto.  I've spent around $2800 and haven't fed a single Scout yet.  I hope people brave the snow and we have a great weekend!  I know there'll sure be enough food.

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