aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The Day After

Feeling under my arm this morning, I found a hard little button of metal. I thought, My goodness, what part of the dressing would that be? Turns out it was a sticky pad from the heart monitor they forgot to remove when they were unhooking me from stuff yesterday.

Had a short night. Surgery messes up your body's whole rhythm, and I couldn't get to sleep till way late. Then I got up way early, because of the discomfort -- not in my shoulder, but in my rear end, from sitting in a sleeping position on the sofa.

I go in for my post-op checkup in an hour. The big dressing comes off, and I should have just a couple of band-aids to wear. And then I make a start on the rehab stuff. The rest of the day is for resting up and trying to get all the fog out of my head.

Many thanks to Deanne for all her attentive care yesterday. You're the best, Sweetheart.

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